5 Maintenance Tips for Your Fridge and Freezer

Hopefully, you all had a great Holiday and are ready to start tackling some of your New Year's Resolutions! If doing some fixes around the house is at the top of the list, this guide will help you tackle at least one common maintenance project: your fridge or freezer! Far too frequently, people would rather kick their fridge or freezer to the curb at the sign of any problem. In reality, these appliances have long lifespans, and if it's still in the prime of its cold life, you should consider rolling up your sleeves and performing some DIY maintenance and repairs. Here are our five tips and tricks to keep your fridge or freezer running in tip-top shape. Adjust the Thermostat It may seem obvious, but sometimes the thermostat can.

Repair or Replace? – What to Do If Your Appliances Are on the Fritz

What should you do if you are having issues with an appliance? When the fridge is running a little warm or the dryer stops producing heat, the entire flow of your everyday life can get thrown out of whack. Many will throw their appliance away and go out and buy a brand new one without even considering if the it could be fixed. In this post, we’ll answer the question of “Repair or Replace?” for the most common household appliances. Things to Consider What is the Appliance’s Life Expectancy? Knowing if your appliance is still in the prime of its life or if it is nearing its last days is crucial when deciding whether to toss it or fix it. The National Association of Home Builders has estimates for the.


Buying new appliances can be great. Opening the box for the first time and enjoying a whiff of that “new fridge smell” can be extremely gratifying. However, if you’re on a tight budget, buying used can help you save thousands in costs, and you probably won't notice any differences between new and used. Not All Used Appliances Are “Used” When you drive a new car off of the lot, it’s instantly considered “used.” The same goes for appliances. Many used appliances are actually showroom models at big-box stores with almost no signs of wear or hours of use. Once taken out of the box, they technically fall into the “used” category and are priced accordingly. Utilize this knowledge and visit your local appliance store and see what showroom models they.

Increase the lifespan of your appliances & prevent fire: Dryer Vent Maintenance

Don't underestimate the power of appliance service and maintenance. It’s important you keep your home appliances running smooth and efficiently at all times, especially when you could ultimately face fire hazard for not doing so! How many homes rely on their home appliances for chores? After all, that’s what they’re for, right? So you’ve already spent time and money buying the appliance your kitchen or laundry room needs, now it’s time to regularly provide maintenance and appliance service! Today’s post will focus on one very special artifact most US homes rely on: the clothes dryer! The dryer handles all clothes in less than an hour, and is also a lifesaver when the weather isn’t so warm for line-drying! For this and more, we all love our clothes dryer. Make sure.

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5 ways to make your kitchen eco-friendly

Go green in your kitchen! You don’t need to remodel your entire kitchen to make it eco-friendly! Get your family involved and start acting! Create a more environmentally friendly kitchen with these simple tips: Love and listen to your appliances! Concerning kitchen appliances, learn how to use them adequately! Sometimes we (without knowing) don’t make correct use of them and we start generating waste, or we overload their charge causing them to fail beforehand. Making an eco-friendly kitchen doesn’t mean you necessarily have to get rid of everything and make way for the new appliances. Before you jump the gun and make a hasty appliance purchase, check to make sure that a repair isn't in order. Another great tip is to give all your appliances regular maintenance and service, even.

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7 Musts for buying kitchen appliances!

Avoid buyer’s remorse! Get exactly what you want and need for your kitchen. These useful tips for buying kitchen appliances will come very much in handy. Major appliances aren’t something you buy everyday. They aren’t easy to carry around (unlike clothes and accessories), you can’t buy them “in every corner” (like food), and they certainly aren’t easy to return (in case something doesn't fit or gets broken). Buying kitchen appliances doesn't have to be a terribly expensive idea, you just have to organize yourself beforehand; preparing a budget will definitely be of great help and we’ve jotted down a few tips, which may come handy! Measure spaces, inside and out! It’s important to consider the space (cavity) where you’ll be placing the fridge, washing machine, dryer, or microwave (or the.

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Get the best results from your gas home-oven!

Become a better, faster cook. These basic tips for cooking in your gas oven will help you get better results every time, plus you can avoid common mishaps that can sometimes ruin your food! Home cooking in you gas oven is a great idea! You can go a little crazy and make your own recipes, or follow your faves too! Either way you go, it’s extra satisfying when you know you made something on your own: it tastes better! Make sure your oven doesn't play you any cruel tricks, and ultimately ruins your food. On the contrary, make it work your way and get the best out of your gas oven. A lot of people wonder why they should get a gas oven, instead of an electric one. It’s a.

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Remodeling your kitchen on a budget: tips and advice

We know how exciting -as well as daunting- remodeling your kitchen can be! You need to be smart, and have some clever strategies and solutions to spend less, and gain more when renovating the kitchen! The kitchen is the heart of a home. We all know that! And there is nothing nicer than coming home to a welcoming and warm kitchen, that invites you to sit, grab a quick snack and simply hang out with your family… The kitchen is where breakfasts, lunches and dinners happen; it’s where everything homemade is made. It’s a safe and cozy place, ergo it should always be impeccable. If you feel you need to remodel your kitchen, go for it! It’s totally worth it, but before you start, here are a few tips and.

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How to make the most out of your Home Appliance

The lifespan of most home appliances may vary depending on the model and kind of item. However, there are some universal tips that may help you to extend the life of your appliances! So you’ve spent a few extra bucks on that refrigerator, or washing machine… At the end of the day, you needed them; and if you went a little over budget because of design or functionality, you won’t regret it in the long run. It’s better to spend a few extra dollars on an eco home appliance; because you’ll see great savings in your energy bill and you’ll have the peace of mind you’re doing your part for Mother Nature! It’s also a good thing to go a little over budget for that stainless steel black appliance, or.