cooking in a gas oven

Get the best results from your gas home-oven!

Become a better, faster cook. These basic tips for cooking in your gas oven will help you get better results every time, plus you can avoid common mishaps that can sometimes ruin your food! Home cooking in you gas oven is a great idea! You can go a little crazy and make your own recipes, or follow your faves too! Either way you go, it’s extra satisfying when you know you made something on your own: it tastes better! Make sure your oven doesn't play you any cruel tricks, and ultimately ruins your food. On the contrary, make it work your way and get the best out of your gas oven. A lot of people wonder why they should get a gas oven, instead of an electric one. It’s a.

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Remodeling your kitchen on a budget: tips and advice

We know how exciting -as well as daunting- remodeling your kitchen can be! You need to be smart, and have some clever strategies and solutions to spend less, and gain more when renovating the kitchen! The kitchen is the heart of a home. We all know that! And there is nothing nicer than coming home to a welcoming and warm kitchen, that invites you to sit, grab a quick snack and simply hang out with your family… The kitchen is where breakfasts, lunches and dinners happen; it’s where everything homemade is made. It’s a safe and cozy place, ergo it should always be impeccable. If you feel you need to remodel your kitchen, go for it! It’s totally worth it, but before you start, here are a few tips and.