Why Buy Sub Zero?

One built-in refrigerator brand dominates the market. And the winner is…   Sub-Zero!   Sub-Zero is the best built-in refrigerator brand on the market. Flip through any kitchen design magazine — or ask a friend who previously hired a design professional to work on their kitchen – and you will quickly realize that the Sub-Zero brand is ubiquitous in the high-end market.   Why do professional designers spring for Sub-Zero over other built-in refrigerator brands? A few reasons: luxurious design, an all-American company history and of course, superior craftsmanship and attention to details with every product they build.  Above all, they are focused on taking care of their customers for the entire life of the product.   Since Westye F. Bakke founded the company in a garage in 1943, Sub-Zero.

New Frigidaire Appliances

Now Available at CRS Appliance, an Authorized Frigidaire Retailer: Brand new Frigidaire Stainless Steel and Black  appliances; in the factory box with the manufacturer's warranty!  We have dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators and microwaves in Stainless steel and black, brand new in the box, supplied with power cords and any installation items.  Great deals on entire sets, and you can get your item right away - pick it up or have it delivered within one or two days.   We also have a huge selection of new Frigidaire appliances that are not in their retail box, but are also brand new, at even greater savings.   Our warehouse is fuller than ever, with everything imaginable: laundry, stacks, slide ins, coil and glasstops, dishwashers, and refrigerators.  We cater to many property managers, and.